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About Us

About Growing Heart workers co-operative ltd.

We have already written a little about ourselves on the homepage, but really there’s a lot more. Established in 1996 we have been involved in the restoration at the Henparcau farm environmental project, which has converted a derelict factory chicken farm, into a working Certified organic farm, producing vegetables, top and soft fruit, and nuts, on the land. Whilst adapting the buildings for use for various craft skills.

In 2000 we established a fruit tree nursery. Grafting and budding 500 fruit trees, for cider and juice production, which are now starting to bear fruit. We are registered with customs and excise as small cider producers. We have a  mill, and hand press equipment from the 1890’s that are used to make our ‘Sleeping Dragon’ cider.

Because we are involved in such a wide variety of operations we have always found it hard to explain what we do, as we do a bit of most things. Broadly speaking we aim to be involved in the whole cycle of things, from seeds to saw in the forest, from seed to seed saving in the garden, and from grafting and budding fruit trees to production of fruit juice and cider. Whereas some people only see the forestry side of our business others know us only as organic vegetable wholesalers. Broadly speaking we change our jobs seasonally, aiming to balance needs with Right livelihood. A concept meaning, that if we do work,we want it to be helpful to the planet, as well as the workers. A constant balancing act in modern society.

We are always looking for new worker members. That said, we need to be sure we all work cooperatively, and our development has reflected the difficulties involved in true cooperative development. Being a small group means we all need to trust each other, and knowing each other is crucial as we often are geographically isolated, with workers spread throughout the country. Our feeling has always been it is better to go slow, than get it wrong. This will be reflected in our development of Ffynone.

The scale of this new venture is actually larger than our current combined business, and as such we will need to be cautious how we proceed. The financial burden it could potentially place on us is one we are aware we need to budget carefully for. That said the opportunity is also great if we get it right. Hence initially it might seem slow to some eyes, but it is a classic case of the dilema that most of the world is in; that is if we had more capital, we could invest in infrastructure that would return the invested capital quickly.

We have always aimed to mix capital and labour, to lift people who individually would be stuck, out of one financial place into a better one, and hopefully healing Ourselves and the Earth in the process.

Our core business has always been tree planting, and tree seed collecting, as the nature of the work enables the cooperative to generate needed funds, to then fund new areas of development. Over the last few years we have been investing heavily in processing equipment. To add value to our cut timber, we now have a firewood processor, a kindling machine, and equipment to point and peel fence posts. This should enable us to make good use of the initial timber cut from Ffynone, we would like however to purchase a sawmill when we can afford it, as this will give us the opportunity to add value to the larger logs.

If your interested in our projects feel free to contact or if you are interested in any of our services call for prices.