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Welcome to the list of courses currently on offer. For a brief description of each course, along with price, and places still available click on the box marked more details . Payment via paypal accepted, or you can contact us directly if you prefer another option.

if you don’t see the course you would like offered, try leaving your idea in the forum area, and we will endeavour to add it to our list.

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Timber frame building

to be confirmed, possibly Spring 2011

Timber frame buildingMore Details

World famous timber frame, builder and teacher Henry Russell is to run 3, 1 week courses each course will cover all the theory and practice needed to make your own timber frame structure. during the week long courses the group, using only hand tools will make one complete span.
Only 4 places per course, bring your own tent, food provided, and covered in course fee.

Price: £400.00

Organic vegetable growing master class

Jan 2010- dec 2010 1 morning per week for full year

Organic vegetable growing master classMore Details

whether you just want some hints, or if you want to set up your own business, this course will show you all you need to know from ordering seeds, ground preparation, to sowing, and weeding through to harvesting, marketing, storage and seed saving.
suitable for all skill levels, benefits will include taking home produce. Also just dip in and out at key times of the year for just £10 a day. remember this includes free veg

Price: £520.00

introduction to basketry

March 1st - 3rd 2011

introduction to basketryMore Details

gentle course suitable for all, it will cover basic skills and techniques of constructing various types of baskets, from growing your own materials to buying from a dealer through to the different styles used, finishing and handles everyone should come away with a basket of their own

Price: £60.00

Felling medium sized trees

August 2nd - August 6th 2010 only one place available

Felling medium sized treesMore Details

for those already with a felling licence this enables the attendee to learn the relevant skills to fell larger trees ie. from 15 - 30 inch diameter. proof of previous qualification will be needed.

Price: £400.00


spring 2011 to be confirmed

hedgelayingMore Details

learn the ancient art of hedge laying, with an experienced teacher

Price: £60.00

Oak gate construction

Spring 2011 to be confirmed

Oak gate constructionMore Details

learn the craft of making traditional cleft oak gates of various sizes and styles, suitable for those with a basic ability in wood handling, this is quite a physical job, and so may not be suitable for all

Price: £150.00

Compost toilet design and construction

Summer/autumn 2010 to be confirmed

Compost toilet design and constructionMore Details

The course will cover the design and construction of portable compost toilets. Various options for design will be explored and chosen depending if needed for home use or events.

Price: £150.00

Dry stone walling

Winter 2010 / Spring 2011 (ongoing)

Dry stone wallingMore Details

Will cover basic skills including choosing stone and various designs available. Practically based with a chance to work hands on in our ongoing stone walling projects in and around the woods.

Price: £20.00