Having run an organic fruit vegetable holding at Henparcau for over 15 years, we decided to give the lands and ourselves a rest in 2010 after a frozen winter where we lost our winter crops we refocused towards the woodland work.

As we have always enjoyed the process of being involved in the whole cycle of an operation we bought a sawmill in 2011 which enabled us to cut and mill our own timber we upgraded and developed the firewood business and invested in modern forwarder and harvester to enable us to take on the task of thinning and managing our 325 acre woodland site.

In 2016 one of our members left due to ill health and in 2018 one of our founder members died, this placed a huge strain on the remaining members and we have since that time been restructuring and recruiting new worker/ members. This process is largely complete and we are now focusing on finishing the thinning operations and developing the sawmilling further. We have always aimed to mix capital and labour, to lift people, who individually would be stuck, out of one financial place into a better one, and hopefully healing ourselves and the Earth in the process.

As a not for profit cooperative we generate funds, and then use any surplus to fund new areas of development. Some of these may in future generate an income, others however are not and are just what we feel is needed.

If you’re interested in our projects feel free to contact us or if you are interested in any of our services call for prices.

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