Growing Heart | Calon Yn Tyfu


As this project develops there are going to be a wide range of opportunities available.  We are hoping to develop a network of volunteers, who have an interest in helping move this project forward, and at the same time acquire or improve skills.

We are hoping to improve the general appearance of the woods by restoring some of the damaged stone walls and by laying some of the hedges.  If you are interested in joining in this will probably be our starting point.

We are looking for wooodland skills teachers who are experts in their field, as well as teachers of related timber or craft skills, who are willing and able to run courses, please call to discuss this with us.

We often have paid work, opportunities for those with the relevant skills and aptitude, send your CV and why you are interested.

We are also looking for seed pickers, in Southern Scotland, this is seasonal work normally from September to December annually.

For any of the above contact us.