Growing Heart | Calon Yn Tyfu

Pangaia Housing cooperative ltd.

Pangaia housing cooperative ltd. is closely involved with |Growing Heart, for the past 14 years Pangaia has leased the land and outbuildings at Henpacau to the workers cooperative, to enable them to pursue thier aims of earth restoration, in return Pangaia has housed workers offering a safe space.

Initially when we moved here Henparcau was a derilict factory chicken farm, which the previous farmer had trashed when his business went bankrupt. When we moved here in late 1993 the house and buildings were neglected and full of dead animals, the cleaning was done mainly by the original group and plenty of volunteers. The outbuildings are now used mostly as workshops and the land has been brought back into use including certified organic status growing vegetables top and soft fruit.

In the late 1990’s after a long period of termoil the housing coop and worker coop elements finally harmoized and now members of the housing cooperative are required to be working with growing heart.

Pangaia is part of the secondry cooperative network Radical Routes, which aims to create alternative bases to be able to challange the current state system.