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Products and Services

We currently sell a wide range of forest products, we are also working on developing this range as the project unfolds. We are developing a range of products based on sawn timber. We hope to add photos soon, in the gallery section.

Forestry products

Timber cut to length in Douglas fir, Western Hemlock, Norway Spruce, Ash and Oak

Garden planters wooden planters that are able to be moved by fork lifts, dimensions are 4ft by 18”

Compost Toilets made for festivals events or domestic use, made with external grade timber, and designed to suit requirements

Firewood either by the bag, in loads (loose) or in pallets of bags 28 pallets per lorry. We deliver cut to length firewood locally, in the north Pembrokeshire south Ceredigion, and north Carmarthen triangle. as well as bagged firewood retail and wholesale. Haulage arrangements can be made for orders further afield.

Kindling by the bag, pallet, or lorry loads

Fencing a full range of fencing is available, 2-3″ 3-4″ 4-5″ (split) all 5’7″ long. Peeled and pointed, 12′ split rails and 7′ strainers, gate posts and outsized pieces made to order

Tree seed collection available to tree nurseries, all species, in all areas by agreement, with all relavent master certificates

Forestry services

Tree planting squad available for all size jobs, anywhere in West Wales , Somerset or Sussex. Please note -: we don’t plant chemically treated trees.

Forest management support can be offered from contracting work through to management plans and grant applications.

Organic vegetable services we are registered with the Soil association as growers and producers, although we are currently scaled down in terms of growing, we still offer a full range of produce to major festivals and events in the UK for cafe’s.

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